123 chinese elizabethtown ky

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123 chinese elizabethtown ky

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123 chinese elizabethtown ky

Nick C. I love the place because it is super close to the house, very affordable, and the food is always consistently delicious. Keel it up Chris! Dustin B. One of the best Chinese food places in town! Shawn B. If you want it hot, they have it. A hole in the wall type place but very flavorful!

Get lots of water! Amanda C. I really wanted to like this place. The wonton filling in the soup was so small and tasteless. The server was not friendly or polite. The food overall was very salty. Danielle C. Horrible hot and sour soup. It was so hot I could not taste anything else but HOT.

Belinda H. The Mongolian beef was no good.

123 chinese elizabethtown ky

My daughter said the breading taste like crayon smells? Secrete ingredient? Mike P. They have the best hot and sour soup on this planet. The Beef lo mein was very flavorful and the steamed dumplings were really good too. If the rest of the meals I have at this place are as good as this first one, this is my new favorite Chinese t.

Most Chinese food these days is bland and flavorless, The food here is full of flavor, onions and garlic and spices not MSG. Ryan C. Both times were to go orders of the general Tso chicken. The owner was very professional and a pleasure to deal with over the phone and in person. The meal itself was excellent. The chicken had a bit more spice than I was used to, but I thought it was great. The value was also a plus. My new go to Chinese place in Elizabethtown. Olivia B. But this experience took it to a whole other level of unbearable.

While there, I saw no more than one takeaway order. Worse, we were out of there around minute 95because our entrees were a half step above completely inedible. Lo mein was so salty that the tip of my tongue was quite literally numb after about three bites, which was a shame, because the pork in the dish was really well cooked, quality protein well above typical for Chinese restaurants in the area and could have been tasty, otherwise.

The chicken dishes were… not good.

123 chinese elizabethtown ky

Calling service « iffy» is unfathomably generous. Their ice tastes funny everyone in my group agreed and sodas are available by the can, only. The back part of the dining room needs better lighting. Their prices, though, are affordable, if the food can actually be consumed. It looked like they have plans for a small buffet, which might ease service delays. Right now, this place is a total cluster though. Vanessa A. The best chinese food in town. Cooked fresh when ordered.

Great atmosphere.

123 chinese elizabethtown ky

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