Female body questions

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Is this normal? Am I normal? Why is this happening? These are some of the most searched phrases on search engines. Every woman has questions about herself or what is happening to her. Not only do we want to know why this is, but we also question how many others are in the same boat. So, here are some questions that most of us have asked ourselves at some point in our lives. The amount your breasts develop, and at what age, is all down to genetics and hormones.

Female body questions

Your breasts may develop quickly, slowly, painfully or unevenly. Some birth control pills may affect your breast size depending on the hormone levels within them. Breasts come in all different shapes and sizes and they usually change a lot over your lifetime depending on weight loss, gain, pregnancy, age, breastfeeding and level of support.

Female body questions

No two breasts are alike, even your own. When breastfeeding, one breast will usually produce more milk than the other. We all know that we are supposed to check our breasts once a month, but what is normal and what is abnormal? How do I do a self breast check? Be breast aware and follow these simple steps. If you think there is something unusual, see your health practitioner for a more thorough exam.

Sheldon introduced the concept in the 40s. Some general classifications are listed below.

Female body questions

Usually you will be an overall percentage of each of the 3 below depending on different testing methods to ascertain your personal diet and exercise regime. People with faster metabolism usually have less bloating, better digestion, more energy, are more able to control their weight, less moody and have clearer skin. So, how do you get a faster metabolism? A few simple steps are to:. If you are having trouble gaining weight because your metabolism is too high — you can slow it down by not eating proper meals, drinking carbonated drinks, having a sedentary lifestyle and cutting out protein.

Those lovely things called hormones that are so difficult to measure and control are the invisible warriors partly responsible for the very visible changes of our skin. Other factors include sun, allergies, stress, genetics, cleanliness, exercise, diet and age. Our skin is our largest organ and battles the world around us. Basically, if you eat a healthy diet with regular exercise, water consumption and a cleansing routine — your skin should thank you.

Some other unknown issues such as stress and hormone imbalances can be accredited to disgruntled skin. If you are not eating right, stressed, allergic, sick or have a hormone imbalance — your hair may be more susceptible to falling out. Hormone changes often result in hair issues which is why these can occur at the same time of the month for some.

You are what you eat, right? Your digestive tract starts working even before you take that first bite, as your brain triggers your mouth to produce enzymes salivating much?

Female body questions

This is due to genetics and training, or is it? This is because of genetics and other contributing factors such as stress, diet, drive, trauma and sleep, which all play a part. What makes someone fast or a good shot? That random thing called drive is the unmeasurable one and always confuses the marketing gurus around the globe.

Female body questions

Stress, diet and genetics play a vital role in sweat production. Breathable fabrics like cotton, bamboo and hemp may help as they naturally inhibit bacterial growth. The bacteria present on your skin when you sweat can turn your sweat acidic and this is why it smells. If you eat spicy foods, unhealthy foods or have consumed alcohol or drugs, your sweat is more likely to have an odour. Drive is responsible for athletes winning and this drive also determines your ability to learn.

There are certain foods that stimulate memory retention and other factors too, but if your drive to learn is not there, then your memory will suffer. Short and long term memory is affected by a of factors — diet, sleep, genetics, trauma and stress.

Sleep is arguably the most important.

Female body questions

So much so, that studies now indicate that lack of good REM sleep causes brain deterioration and memory loss. Other factors that contribute to memory loss and lack or learning ability is alcohol, sedatives and other drugs. So, lay off the booze and grab your blankie. This is all dependent on genetics or habits you had as a baby, e.

The amount of enamel on your teeth is predetermined when you are in the womb, so hopefully your mum and grandmother had good teeth and a healthy. The colour of the enamel can vary naturally, other factors such as hygiene, water consumption and other staining mechanisms such as nicotine, caffeine and red wine can have a huge impact.

Your mood is dependent on a lot of different factors. If the sun is shining then this can make you happy and others very irritable. The food you eat at certain times can also dictate your mood. The weather, your sleep, your diet, your hormones and a lot of other factors can contribute to your mood. Figure out what annoys you and make a list. This only makes the good moods better. If you have any particular questions that you would like to add, please do so in the comments below.

Everyone is different, but many of us experience the same struggles. Be patient, talk it out and trust that this too shall pass. Life is a journey or a highway, or whatever. Disclaimer: SugarCandy does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Any information published on this website or by this brand is not intended as a substitute for medical advice, and you should not take any action before consulting with a healthcare professional.

I want to pay full price. Simply up to our newsletter! You'll also get a whole bunch of other sweet offers. Are my breasts normal? In the shower on lying on your back, lift your arm up and rest on your head. With your other hand, apply medium-firm pressure and check your entire breast and armpit.

You are looking for anything that is lumpy, painful or unusual. Check your breasts in the mirror for any redness or changes, and also check your nipple for discharge. Leave a Comment. E-mail me when new comments are posted. Shop our most-loved bras. Shop now.

Female body questions

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Female body questions

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