Friendship with your ex

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There are several opinions on whether you should remain friends with your ex or not and they are often contradictory.

Friendship with your ex

Because of any residual feelings, it would be a good idea to maintain distance. But at the same time, if you formed a good connection with that person, then it is understandable why one would want to be friends even after breaking up. In a survey conducted in the US, 70 per cent of people said it is better to go your separate ways after a break up.

Only about 15 per cent of the people are able to remain friends with their exes, which proves that it is possible to remain friends with the ex. Attachments are formed very early on in each relationships. The romantic attachments that we form with our partners become as strong as the attachments we have with our parents. When a romantic relationship comes crashing down, it also le to loss of stability. This is why some decide to try and stay friends after breaking up. The reason why this form of friendship would work is because you've transferred your romantic attachment to another person.

Sometimes, it is too soon to form any kind of a bond. Studies have proved that it takes at least three months to get over an ex partner, but this can take longer depending upon how long the relationship was. If you are still hurting from the break up, then it would not be advisable to maintain a friendship, at least right away.

Friendship with your ex

Give yourself time to heal. Staying friends with your ex is a way for some people to keep that person in your life. Ending relationships is always difficult and is even harder when you are not ready to let go.

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Friendship with your ex

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Friendship with your ex

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Friendship with your ex Friendship with your ex

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Should You Stay Friends With an Ex? Here's What Experts Say