How to find hope when things seem hopeless

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A passionate author, podcast host, and coach who focuses on personal empowerment, self-esteem, productivity, and wellness. Read full profile. However, hope can only be accessed once we get out of our he and quit over-rationalizing.

We need to be truly convinced that better things are in store for us. Go for a walk, speak with a friend, take a mini-vacation, listen to music, meditate, or journal. Do anything that helps you return to center and balance. Acknowledge and reward yourself for each milestone you reach, no matter how small. Every step you take matters and will bring you closer to your dreams. Take note of the exact goals that you have laid out and remind yourself what inspired you to create them in the first place. For example, if you want to lose 10 pounds, was it because your doctor recommended it or because you want to get healthier?

How to find hope when things seem hopeless

Your goals need to be connected to an overarching vision that will galvanize you to overcome any obstacle. Create a vision boardor write a descriptive and vivid of what you would like to achieve.

How to find hope when things seem hopeless

Often, our biggest disappointments occur from having unrealistic expectations. For example, when opening a new store, instead of hoping to make 10K, focus on breaking even and perfecting your system of operations. Set positive and specific goals that feel manageable, especially in the beginning stages.

Setting healthy expectations that are easy to reach will encourage you to keep going. A plan B is like a safety net, there to catch you in case you lose your grip. What could you have done differently? What are the lessons from the experience that can equip you with the knowledge to get it right the next time around? Ask friends, mentors, and coaches for candid feedback to supplement your own insights.

You can learn how to create a solid contingency plan here. Hope is like a candle flame that can burn out without constant positive reinforcement. We need reminders to stimulate us with hope about the future. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to be inspired, such as acknowledging our small successes along the way and remembering the times when we were able to overcome obstacles. I also love being in the presence of young children who radiate optimism.

Find your own unique sources of motivation that work for you and do your best to stay away from the black hole of social media. As social beings, we benefit tremendously from having support from a community of people that matter to us when we are feeling hopeless. Friends and family members are the primary lifeline for most of us, but we can also extend our network to include a trusted group of mentors, coaches, counselors, or a support group who are open to hearing our story and who believe in the vision that we have for our life.

Goal-setting, vision boards, and visualization are a couple of techniques that can give shape to our dreams. By committing to these practices, our vision will become more tangible and within our reach. Touching base with our goals will make them feel real and give us a focal point towards which we can direct all of our energy. Without knowledge and action, hope is just psychological fluff. Hope should propel us to seek out more information about what we desire and take directed steps towards realizing it.

Knowledge is power, as the saying goes, and it gives us the capacity to make more mindful choices. It strengthens our belief that we have what it takes to influence outcomes and to consciously move forward. Hope has a future orientation and can, therefore, direct our thoughts away from the present. Even though we want things to get better, we have to make peace with where we are in our current lives.

This quiet acceptance will give us inner peace and prevent us from becoming overly attached to future outcomes [2]. Gratitude generates a feeling of warmth and abundance. The next time you feel hopeless while waiting for things to happen in your life, remember that life is ultimately about the journey and not the destination. Paul Jun is a content strategist, community builder, writer, and photographer. He shares motivational tips on Lifehack. With the right mindset, positive attitude, and a clear vision of what you want to accomplish, the only thing that is holding you back is yourself.

How you approach an opportunity, and the result of it, is solely based on you — not your boss or your co-worker or friend. If you enter a business meeting with a sour attitude, that negative energy can spread like wildfire. People can also feel it — maybe even taste it.

This is not an impression you want to leave. The question is: can you do it? A negative attitude is easy. Your attitude is like a tattoo because you wear it. People can see it and sometimes, they will judge you on it. If you maintain a negative attitude, then it is permanent until you change it. The one thing we have to purge from ourselves is fear — fear of badfear of change, fear of denial, fear of loss, the fear that makes us worry and lose sleep. Worrying is the same as going outside with an umbrella, waiting for rain to hit it.

Stop worrying and move on. Confidence is fragile: It builds up slowly, but can shatter like glass. Project your confidence and energy into believing in yourself. This is a very important and groundbreaking step — one that is usually the hardest to take. Start telling yourself you can do something, anything, and you will do it the best to your ability.

Remove doubt, remove fear, and stick with positive energy. Do not fear failure. Do not run away from it. Face it, learn from it, grow, and take action. Just remember: You will never know success if you have never failed. Your confidence will bolster after embracing these facts. You will be immune to demoralizingand instead you will find ways to fix it, improve upon it, and make it better than before.

How to find hope when things seem hopeless

I hope you can incorporate these methods into your life. Write it on post-its, notecards, whatever makes you comfortable — something you will always see. I usually write mine on post-its and put them all over the wall behind my monitor so I always see them. Discussing your goals, what you want to change, is very effective when you say it out loud and tell another person other than yourself.

When you fulfill that goal and tell your friend, it feels rewarding and will motivate you to do it again in a different aspect. Who knows? Maybe your friend adopts the same mindset as you. Stop yourself from saying it, mid-sentence if you must, and turn your whole perspective around — you can do it, you will do it, and nothing is impossible! You think this change will be overnight? No way. This is a practice. As I said earlier, you are unlearning what you know. We skip the small steps in our head and only focus on the end. Focus on what the first step is, then the next.

You know what you must do. The first step is right now. The funny thing is: Those doors have always been there.

How to find hope when things seem hopeless

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