How to get a guy out of your head

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When we looked into him in a session, I saw him as much less enticing than he seems. You can do this, too.

How to get a guy out of your head

Just think of all of his flaws, and recruit your friends to help. Years ago, I had a crush on a guy who drove the most absurd car ever. That would be my go-to image to get him off my mind. It worked. Whenever he pops up in your head, replace his image with something else: Very recently, I met with a very lovely woman who was trying to get over a really handsome man who had essentially dumped her and then immediately started dating someone else.

This technique takes a ton of effort, but it worked for her, and I know it can be done. Realize that focusing on him too much is the equivalent of watching bad TV. So make a concerted effort to switch the channel in your head to something else. Utilize this standard clairvoyant healing method to release his energy from yours: Sit in a quiet place, close your eyes, and bring your attention to your third eye.

Now visualize a screen out in front of you, and on that screen, create a clear rose, and ask it to fill with the color of your own true vibration. Give that rose a nice, strong stem that burrows deeply into the earth. Next, ask the rose to show you a color or colors that represent where his energy is running through your vibration. Ask those colors that represent his energy to release down the stem of the rose into the earth, and watch as they drain out of the rose. Now fill the rose up with even more of the color of your true vibration.

See it explode into a million pieces and shower your body and aura with your own true energy. The more you obsess about him, the more uncomfortable he will be, and this will make him want to avoid you like the plague! If you really want a man to contact you, the best thing to do is disconnect. Just leave him alone, be done, move on! This worked for one of my clients who was sort of involved with a professional athlete. Do whatever it takes to re-direct your thoughts and energy to get him out of your head!

I saw where you're offering a course on this subject in my Daily Om and was intrigued by this whole "epidemic" as you called it.

How to get a guy out of your head

I've been obsessing about a guy for over a year now, and if I'd known I could have quit thinking about him in 28 days I'd have gone for it! It's ridiculous! I've done the whole routine over and over about why I made him leave, why it wouldn't work etc. What's this all about?? And now I'm reading the best seller by Gris Ryan, Sex At Dawn, and how monogamy is not normal, and I have to wonder how it is or why we get fixated on one "love"? I most definitely need mind and heart retraining, cuz this is making me crazy!

I'll try to rose visualization, since I can't go out and find a new boyfriend! Yes, it's more common than you'd believe, and I've seen so, so many people go through the same thing you are. The whole monogamy thing is really super complicated, and has roots to our survival as a species.

I hope you can take the course and get him off your mind! He doesn't deserve your time and attention!!! All the Best!!! Just want you to know guys go through this to. It has been 3 and a half years.

How to get a guy out of your head

I am 64, she's 50 and we were together six years. I see her as she really is and she has plenty of flaws: selfish, insecure, afraid to open herself to real love. I have plenty of flaws too. I made some choices due to feeling unloved that resulted in her deciding to leave me. She refuses any contact. Lives 8, miles away. The good side is I have learned a lot.

I don't need a relationship to be happy. Happiness is a choice. I have learned to be present, to think big, to slow dowm and listen more. But she is still in my head. I wish we could at least communicate. I have given up trying. I still care about her though. I don't think she will ever meet someone who loves her as much as I do. I have been involved with a married man for over 6 mos. It has to stop.

I poured my heart out and said I couldn't be second banana anymore.

How to get a guy out of your head

All he said is that he understands, but continues to want to make plans to travel, with me, etc. I HAVE to stop this to stop hurting and get my confidence back. I thought I could do it, just have fun, drink wine, listen to music together, but eventually I fell hard for him. Please help me stop obsessing about him. If I cut him off from phone calls andtexts, will that bring him to me? Is it a lost cause? What can I do to make him see how he will miss me?

How to get a guy out of your head

I purchased your lesson on My Daily Om, however I was wondering what advice you have for someone who still works with this person and had a long relationship. Thank you so much for this excellent advice! Under Tip 1 I listed 15 of his flaws. Under Tip 2 I slammed the door in his face again and said Goodbye, Freak! I like what I read in the first part of Tip 3 and will do this in a minute.

I do, however, NOT want him to contact me, but I do strongly wish to disconnect. You see, I suspect that our connection is very much on the subtle energy level — I felt it before we even met in the flesh — and we could even be feeding each other with this emotional pain because I figure he may have had a difficult time dealing with the absence of my company also.

Not each other's type, socially, culturally, etc. I miss his company, touch, etc. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Post Tags: get him off your mind. March 12, February 26, February 19, Unknown Leave reply. Krishanti Leave reply. Anonymous Leave reply. But our six years together were amazing when things were going well. I haven't yet found anyone to take her place and so live a celibate, loveless life.

How to get a guy out of your head

My question: How can I disconnect without this resulting in his contacting me? Life-Changing Magic Awaits You! Thanks for ing up. Please check your and follow the instructions. Are you sure you don't want to live the life you've always dreamed of?

How to get a guy out of your head

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How To Stop Liking A Guy – 7 Simple Steps To Get Him Out Of Your Head