I want to fall in love

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And, lemme tell ya, that isn't so easy.

I want to fall in love

In fact, at times—especially in the age of ghostingorbiting, cloaking, etc. So for the sake of my own single soul and the others out there who are also Googling "I want to fall in love" 3 to 15 times a weekI chatted with two relationship experts about how to fall in love—and, most importantly, how to open your cold, cynical heart to letting it happen. My friends and I often joke about "putting out a vibe" when it comes to attracting people, and according to the pros, that's very much a thing. If things just keep not working out, it's likely some part of you will also want to throw in the towel on dating.

a league, chat up the hottie on the yoga mat next to you, introduce yourself to someone in line at Whole Foods— get out there IRLand start making connections in a new way. We've all heard the saying that you can't love someone else if you don't love yourself first.

For sure. But it's also true in some ways. I'm 28, very single, and have a little brother and a whole lot of friends heading down the aisle in the next year and a half, so trust me—I know a thing or two about "pressure," both internally and external, coming from my family.

Obsessing about finding the right person, though, won't magically bring them into your life, answering your "I want to fall in love" wishes.

I want to fall in love

In fact, it can have the opposite effect. And I believe that's true to an extent," says Fernandez. Be open to the fact that you may find love, but live your life so that it's a pleasant surprise when you find it. Sure, put yourself out there, but don't walk into every drinks date with the expectation that the person will be "the one. Falling in love is scary as hell—especially in an era when you can date someone for, like, a long time and then get ghosted out of nowhere. But the worries and "what ifs" shouldn't deter you from being open to it.

It is not. There are many points in which we need to become compatible.

I want to fall in love

We can have the lust, the physical attraction, and the love for the same food and music, and that still does not guarantee a successful relationship. If you want to be open to falling in love, the most important step you can take is accepting that your heart may get broken. Obviously, breakups sting, but in the words of Taylor Swift, the high can definitely be worth the pain. If you're straight-up just not into dating right now, that's okay— give yourself a break. That way, when you do get back out there, you're both mentally and emotionally ready to be open to the process.

Let's say your daily request of "I want to fall in love" seems to have been answered.

I want to fall in love

Here's how to tell if it's love or lust. Plus, what it really means to have chemistry with someaccording to science. Your official excuse to add "OOD" ahem, out of doors to your cal. Become an Insider. Enter Address. Facebook Pinterest Twitter Youtube Instagram. S eth and Summer. Jack and Rose. Noah and Ali. Each of us have one pop-culture power couple in mind that made us believe in love —the type of love that would make you stand on a coffee cart and profess it, sacrifice your seat on a life boat although, HOT TAKE, there was room for both of them on that damn dooror write letters every day for a year.

But that smack-ya-in-the-face, wake up with googly eyes and an intense desire to sing Savage Garden kinda love isn't as easy to come by as TV and the movies make it look.

I want to fall in love

Rather, if you're constantly saying to yourself "I want to fall in love," you first need to be open to receiving it. Related Stories. Tags: Dating TipsRelationship Tips.

I want to fall in love

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I want to fall in love I want to fall in love

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