Leupold spr reticle review

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Discussion in ' Reviews ' started by BcamosSep 8, Leupold Mk AR 1. So, from what I understand the Mk AR series of optics was put out by Leupold to be a budget friendly option for a quality optic. The SPR reticle is what really drew me in to this optic. I liked this, more so than the Vortex and Bushnell optics I tried out. Both had these fancy, first focal plane reticles that were a standard dot at 1X and a BDC horeshoe dark magic thing at 4X.

They were busy, and crowded. Especially for that magnification range, the reticle with illumination has to be pretty bold and it just takes up too much glass.

Leupold spr reticle review

With the SPR, the point of focus for your eye is small, and very easy to pick up against the black crosshair. In this picture, it's on 1. This is a perfect bright green dot for overcast use. Obviously price played a huge roll. As with most things, I buy second hand - usually from someone that bought high end and then barely used it. It gets me a good deal on the backend and if there's already a scratch, I don't feel bad beating it up some more.

That's a steal, no matter who you are. Another HUGE advantage to this optic is weight. I had a Bushnell 30mm and it literally weighed twice as much. I believe this optic is somewhere around 9oz. The Bushnell was over a pound and a half with the mount. While zeroing, the turrets have a nice clean crisp click, and they track very well s lining up with the hash mark on the scope body with no wiggle at all. After zeroing at yds recommended for this scope because of the BDC turret you can unscrew the turret set screws and place the turret on Zero, then lock back down.

Now, as long as you're using 55gr. There are corresponding s on the elevation turret that at first make no sense - since they're not equally spaced.

Leupold spr reticle review

They're yardage markers. All the way up to yds. The 1 indicates Zero, at yds. I've actually used this out to yds with a very high success rate. Easy as pie - laser your target, then just click over to the appropriate range on your elevation turret, place the green dot on the target and squeeze the trigger. I've also used this at very short range 25yds and at 1. Just like having an RDS, though there's an eyebox. Which isn't too bad on this optic. Illumination is great. Daytime lume is very usable on the highest setting. Lowest setting is perfect for dark hallway use and doesn't cause any halo-ing around the dot.

There's a button on the left hand side of the optic it's the gold Leupold symbol that controls all of the optics electronics.

Leupold spr reticle review

Press for on, press once to cycle through brightness and long pres to turn off. Now, that's not always necessary; and I find it very odd that Leupold doesn't advertise this next feature. The optic's electronics are movement sensitive. Meaning, after 5 minutes of inactivity - the illumination turns off. Pick up the rifle and it turns back on. Overall, I'm extremely happy with this optic and have even considered picking up the model for my MVP. I don't see me ever wanting or needing to swap this out, since it really is a do-it-all optic for my needs.

Pros: Budget Friendly Light weight Great illumination Can always be left on Great optical clarity BDC turret works very well with the right load Cons: 1" tube doesn't allow maximum amount of light in Accessories are expensive Throw lever, Leupold brand caps, etc. This is exactly what you'd expect with an RDS. On the Leupold, it's a 1. Some people aren't bothered by this and some people get a killer headache looking through 1. It hasn't been an issue for me at all, since my eye focuses solely on the green dot and everything else just blends.

This doesn't mean this optic can't be used in a CQB fashion, because it certainly can as long as you're able to deal with the. I'm not sure why Leupold did this, but I assume it has something to do with the cost savings of the Mk AR series. Last edited: Sep 9, BcamosSep 8, The Marsh GorillaKaw-ligaDatilite and 4 others like this. Can't wait! This magnification range has gotten really interesting to me. JMJSep 8, Lookin forward to this review, too. I find these low powered optics ideal for me.

BcamosSep 9, The Marsh Gorilla likes this. Awesome review man! I'll definitely be keeping that model in mind. I'm like you some low end magnification doesn't bother me with both eyes open. I can definitely see where having lower than 4x would be nice though. JMJSep 9, Nice review. I've been getting stuff less often because I find exactly what I'm looking for usually takes an extra payday or so to pull off. JoelskiSep 9, That scope and mount will probably migrate to my LR for this deer season once it's finished.

JMJSep 10, Great review, thank you for posting up!

Leupold spr reticle review

It's GTG. Good glass, good repeatability, but needs a little compensation when shooting 69gr GMM obviously. I printed a ballistics table and stuck it to my stock. SheepdogSep 11, JMJ likes this. BcamosSep 12, JMJSep 13, SheepdogSep 14, Wanted to add - I've had this optic "on" since around April of It's still burning a bright green when I pick it up. BcamosJan 10, The Marsh Gorilla and Zeek like this. I've been looking at something like this for my Mossberg MVP and keep seeing it on sale; may very well have to pick one up based on your favorable experiences.

Thanks for posting about it! DesertFoxJan 15, I appreciate the review Bcamos. I am in the market for a scope like this to replace the VX-3 1. In fact, I spent a lot of time on Leupold's website just last night. I'm looking for something with illumination and the 1" tube means I can use my existing mount It negates two of your cons 30mm tube and true 1x but a lot more expensive of course. ZeekJan 16, BcamosJan 16, I need to look into this more. Too bad Leupold's website sucks.

The VX3 1. These seem well priced for entry level HD glass. May be better suited for one of my bolt guns though ZeekJan 24, SCJan 24, Kaw-ligaThe Marsh Gorilla and Zeek like this. Show Ignored Content. Share This Tweet. Your name or address: Do you already have an ? Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?

Leupold spr reticle review

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