Sex stories of brother in law

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To understand my predicament you have to understand one thing: I love my husband very, very much. I would do anything to make him happy. My husband, John, has his own business and recently he gave his older brother Ian a job. Ian has been abroad for the past three years. He was living with his girlfriend in Denmark but they split up and he decided to come back to England. John has always worshiped Ian and at once offered him a job and our spare room.

This was the first time I had met Ian and he seemed pleasant enough. This means that around three times a week my husband has to either leave at seven in the morning or come home around eight in the evening. Yesterday was one of the mornings he had to leave early. He tried to get up without disturbing me, as usual, but I was already awake.

When he noticed he came back to kiss me and with very little persuading returned to bed to make love to me. Once John had left I was still turned on so I got my vibrator and used that to bring myself to climax. We try to be quiet about our lovemaking as Ian is in the next room but he has never said anything. I was almost asleep again when I felt a cool draft as the covers were lifted.

For a moment I thought John had returned for some reason but when I rolled over I could see in the dim light creeping under the curtains that it was Ian lying next to me in the bed. I was still befuddled with drowsiness and before I could react he was laying on top of me. The feel of his naked flesh on mine quickly brought me to a realization of the situation and I tried to push him away.

He grinned at me and hooked his hands under my shoulders and let me struggle. Even worse, the more I struggled, the more I became aware that he was aroused. I want a nice juicy cunt so I came in here. His wife and his brother. Even if he does try to believe you he would never be sure. I would, of course, describe in great detail how you came, something you never do with him.

Oh yes, if you tell him I think you might just ruin his life. Every word was true. I just want to fuck.

Sex stories of brother in law

Instead he ground his mouth roughly against mine, forcing his tongue into my mouth. He pushed his tongue in and out of my mouth while his hips pushed against mine in a similar rhythm. I tried again to throw him off and this time I managed to get him half off me. I tried to scramble out of the bed but he caught me and threw me back down. He grabbed my knees and forced them apart, wedging his torso in between my thighs. I could feel some of the coarse hairs around his belly button tickling my clit. With my legs splayed his skin was pressed against my pussy.

I was still wet from the orgasm I had had with the vibrator and I knew he could feel it. I pushed and thumped him with my fists but he ignored my struggles and grabbed my breasts. He squeezed and kneaded them but to my shame my nipples grew hard. He twisted them between his fingers and I gave an involuntary moan. He began sucking them each in turn into his mouth, occasionally blowing across them first.

The warm heat of his mouth felt so good I soon forgot to struggle. He would cruelly graze my nipple with his tongue, then gently swirl his tongue across it. The sensations he produced were so pleasurable I was moaning and tugging at his hair to encourage him and I was instinctively thrusting my hips against him. He paused and looked triumphantly at me and I realized what I was doing. I began to fight him again, even shouting and screaming for help. He just laughed and started squeezing my breasts again, nipping and biting them and trying to suck the entire mound into his mouth.

He even squeezed them hard together and tried to get them both in his mouth at once. Although he was being rough he was still somehow giving me pleasure and it was difficult to keep resisting him.

Sex stories of brother in law

Taking me by surprise he suddenly turned round and knelt over me. His head was now between my thighs and his cock was swinging in my face. At the thought of it plunging into me I felt a thrill of mingled terror and anticipation that produced a flood of moisture between my legs. His hands were on my thighs, forcing them wide apart so I was completely open and at his mercy.

He flicked and swirled and jabbed with it, and even used his teeth on my clit in a similar fashion to the way he had treated my nipples. I was still shouting and thrashing around on the bed but I no longer knew if it was from fear or pleasure.

Then the mindlessness of an orgasm swept through me and my body shook under a torrent of pleasure such as I had never known. He turned back around and, grabbing my hips, thrust his cock deep into my cunt. He seemed to fill and stretch me.

I could feel him throbbing deep inside me and it seemed to echo the tremors still shaking me. He began to relentlessly thrust into me, seeming to go deeper each time. I could feel another orgasm beginning as he fucked me harder and harder. Then I came, my back arching off the mattress. I was dimly aware that he was coming to, pumping deep inside me. He collapsed on top of me, both our bodies trembling and covered in sweat. At last he stood up and walked out of the room, leaving me sprawled on the bed.

When he had left to go to the office I had a long shower and changed the bed.

Sex stories of brother in law

I had no proof and I was too afraid that John might ask me at some point if I had enjoyed it. So I have been pretending that nothing happened.

Sex stories of brother in law

Until tonight. John has another early morning meeting tomorrow and Ian just whispered in my ear:. I lay awake all night, trying to think what to do. Now he was threatening to do it again. I had to find some way to stop him. The alarm went off at six and my husband rolled out of bed and went to the bathroom. By the time he returned I had come up with a plan. What would you do for half an hour? Just sit in the car? I just thought it would be nice to have some time together with just the two of us.

By the time John dropped me back at the house I was feeling very pleased with myself. The two men returned home together and I could tell at once that Ian was furious with me. The first chance he got to speak to me alone he grabbed my hair and pulled my face close to his. You are going to regret it very much. I tried to tell myself he was just threatening me because he was annoyed but I soon found out he meant every word. About three days later I was just finishing dusting the sitting room when I heard the front door open and close.

It was about the time the men usually returned home from work so I headed to the hall to welcome my husband.

Sex stories of brother in law

The next moment my brother-in-law came through the sitting room door and grabbed my arms and bent me over the back of the sofa. I tried to struggle even harder but it was impossible. He shifted me so that my feet were no longer on the ground. All my weight was on my stomach which had the sofa back digging into it, making it hard to breath.

He fumbled open my bra and pulled it and my top over my head and tangled them around my arms. The he pushed my skirt up around my waist and ripped my knickers off. He then smacked me hard on my exposed bottom.

Sex stories of brother in law

I cried out with the pain, which made him laugh and smack me several more times. When he stopped my bottom was stinging and I was gulping back tears. He reached forward and grabbed my hair, twisting my head so he could look into my face.

He must have been able to tell because he gave a loud laugh. He let go of my hair and grabbed my legs, pushing them apart. He used his thumbs to spread my pussy lips wide, then he drove his cock into me in one brutal movement. I was completely unprepared and it felt like he was ripping me apart.

I screamed and tried desperately to get away but it was impossible. He pulled back and slammed ruthlessly back into me, chuckling when I screamed again. He reached forward and found my breasts and began squeezing and pinching them in time to his relentless thrusts. I could hear myself crying and begging him to stop but all I was conscious of was the feel of his cock stretching my cunt as he pounded away.

To my horror I began to feel tendrils of pleasure, beginning from my breasts and rapidly spreading to my cunt. Some part of me was enjoying being used like this. I tried to fight it but it just seemed to intensify the feelings that were a strange mixture of pain and pleasure. I lay across the sofa back, exhausted and ashamed. I could still feel small twitches through my muscles and knew that I had almost come. I felt Ian pull out of me then heard him walking round the sofa. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head up, thrusting his cock in my face.

His cock was still semi-hard and covered with cum. My hands were still twisted up my back and entangled in my clothes and my feet were off the ground so I was helpless to move. I had no choice but to comply with his orders. The taste was just as bad as I remembered but it soon became obvious that Ian was enjoying it very much.

His cock gradually became hard again and soon he was holding my head still and thrusting it into my mouth. He pushed harder and further until it felt as if I was going to choke. I moaned and tried to pull away but he was holding me too tightly.

Sex stories of brother in law

My moans drew his attention though and he stopped. My legs were weak and trembling and I staggered and had to hold onto him to steady myself. He took advantage of my momentary dizziness to completely remove the rest of my clothes and drag me into the hall. He pushed me up against the closed kitchen door and took his own clothes off.

Your husband is going to be coming through that door in just over half an hour. To my horror I realized he was serious. I tried to think of some way out of my predicament but I was trapped. Reluctantly I co-operated as he lifted me up against the door and slid his cock inside me. I wrapped my legs around his waist and clung to his shoulders as he supported me by holding my bottom. To my shame it felt wonderful. My cunt was still slick with his cum so he slid in easily. This time the stretching felt wonderful, like I was being completely filled. With my back braced against the door we began to move together.

I could feel the pleasure start up again inside me and struggled to hide it.

Sex stories of brother in law

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