Strip clubs in chesterfield

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To stymie plans for a new strip club, the Pulaski County Quorum Court urged the city of Little Rock on Tuesday to maintain its zoning code that restricts sexually oriented businesses. Skyroom, a proposed club at W. Dixon Road, lies on the east side of Arch Street, just outside city limits but in Little Rock's extraterritorial jurisdiction. Right now, the Dixon Road site is zoned as C-3 Commercial.

Strip clubs in chesterfield

Under that zoning, sexually oriented businesses and private clubs cannot be within feet of residential neighborhoods, schools and churches. The site of Skyroom, according to the county resolution, is within feet of a residential neighborhood, England Acres.

The resolution takes no action against the club or its owner, Billy Pope, but encourages Little Rock officials to continue its commercial zoning deation, thereby barring the strip club's operation. Doing so "is in the best interest of the future growth of the City of Little Rock, and the best interest of the health, safety and welfare of Pulaski County and its residents," the resolution says. A couple of dozen neighbors and three state legislators filled chairs at the Quorum Court meeting to rally against the strip club.

Strip clubs in chesterfield

It's that simple," said Sen. Andy Mayberry, R-Hensley. A man who identified himself as Pope said in a brief phone call that he "already went to court" over the business. In May, Pope won a court battle against state Alcoholic Beverage Control, the agency that issues private-club permits.

A new permit allows bars and restaurants to stay open until 2 a. An old permit -- the type Pope owns -- allows businesses to close at 5 a. Pope had applied to transfer his permit from a business to the Dixon Road address so he could open up a strip club. In his appeal, Pope told the state agency he had years of experience working with other strip clubs, and one in Pulaski County hadn't been approved in several years.

The plan Pope presented was for an 8,square-foot building with a stone and stucco veneer. The parking lot could accommodate to cars. He'd serve lunch, and Skyroom would be open seven days a week, according to the initial application. The state agency denied Pope's application, but Circuit Judge Mackie Pierce ruled that the denial "was not supported by substantial evidence Even with the permit, Pope would still have to clear several hurdles before the club could open. City and county leaders have already expressed that they're against it.

On Nov. On Dec. On Friday, Jamie Collins, director of the city's planning department, wrote a letter to the consultant representing Pope, saying the strip club violated city zoning rules. Controversy over the strip club is unfolding right when county and city boards across Arkansas are deciding how to handle private club applications, a task they haven't overseen before.

Act of requires private-club applicants to obtain approval from the governing body of the county or town where the club would be located. On Tuesday, the Quorum Court also unanimously adopted an ordinance outlining what people must present to the court when applying to run a private club. Because Skyroom's permit transfer application was submitted before the state law changed, the strip club would be grandfathered in, meaning Pope would not have to seek approval from the Quorum Court, a county attorney said.

However, Collins' letter did not echo the same thinking. Pope will have to apply to operate as a private club through the city, the letter says. Print Headline: Enforce zoning, keep out strip club, county urges LR. Enforce zoning, keep out strip club, county urges Little Rock by Emma Pettit December 20, at a.

Strip clubs in chesterfield

Cities oversee zoning in extraterritorial jurisdictions where the city is likely to expand. She thanked the county for highlighting that the club would violate city zoning.

Strip clubs in chesterfield

Pope, of Bryant, did not attend the meeting. Only then will an application be reviewed by the Alcoholic Beverage Control agency.

Strip clubs in chesterfield

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