What do i need to become a therapist

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You are someone who likes to help people. A lot. People in your life may have even suggested that you would make a great therapist. Now you are wondering if you might be able to translate those skills into a profession.

What do i need to become a therapist

Would becoming a therapist be the right career for you? And if so, how do you become a d therapist?

What do i need to become a therapist

A PhD? What do therapists do? Is becoming a therapist a good match for your personality? A therapist is a d professional with a background in psychology or counseling. Therapists are usually thought of as mental health professionals who work directly with people, couples, or groups to provide therapeutic services.

Therapists may work in private practice, in schools, social service institutions, clinics, hospitals, or even online. As you begin researching how to become a therapist, your first question is probably: what education do I need to become a therapist? In addition, different states have different requirements for different mental health professionals. If you wish to work directly with patients, you will need supervised clinical hours as well as educational degrees to complete your licensure. After completing your clinical hours, you will then take a certifying exam, purchase liability insurance, and begin to pursue job opportunities.

If you are currently a college student thinking of entering the profession, you might want to start by taking coursework in psychology, communication, and sociology, as all of these areas can help you prepare to become a therapist.

What do i need to become a therapist

In addition to your degree, which will cover course material that prepares you for your career, you will need to complete supervised clinical work in psychology. Finally, you will need to take a licensure exam and pass it before you can practice therapy. Some therapists have advanced degrees, and go on to get doctorates in psychology.

Therapists with PhDs usually focus more on research, whereas therapists with PsyDs typically focus more on clinical work. Both degrees require or more years of education, and you can practice therapy with either degree. Finally, you can also practice therapy if you have an MD and become a psychiatrist. This requires you to go to medical school, of course. Psychiatrists are the only type of therapist that can prescribe medication to their patients; they are also the only therapists who can formally diagnose someone with a mental health conditionsuch as schizophrenia, obsessive compulsive disorder, bipolar disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, etc.

The length of time it takes to become a therapist very much depends on the educational path you choose. Your salary as a therapist will depend very much on what degree or licensure you have, where you work, how much experience you have, and where you live. For example, according to the U. Bureau of Labor Statisticsas of If you know that helping people is a passion of yours, which is why you were likely drawn to the field of psychology and therapy, you still may be wondering what types of mental health issues you can help others manage and overcome.

Really, there are so many mental health issues that you can help people work through as a therapist! Most therapists work one on one with their clients, either in a private practice office, a clinic, a school, a social service setting, or a healthcare setting.

Therapy usually involves different types of counseling, which requires you to listen to your clients problems and help them come up with ways of coping. Usually sessions involve asking clients probing questions to help them understand more about themselves and identify strategies for working through their issues. The way therapists approach therapy depends also on their particular kind of training they received.

For example, a therapist who is trained in cognitive behavioral therapy CBT may focus on identifying negative thought patterns and trying to come up with ways to reframe those patterns more positively. Most therapy is one-on-one, and may include adults or children; therapists may also work with couples, families, or with larger groups.

What do i need to become a therapist

Most therapists work alone, but sometimes a therapist will need to refer a client to their doctor or a psychiatrist if their problems seem to require medical attention or medication. If you are a college studentyou can contact your career services department to get connected with a therapist. Experiencing therapy first-hand will help you become a better therapist down the road — you will be able to empathize with your clients.

Not only that, but working through your own mental health challenges will make you stronger, more resilient, and teach you how to develop strong interpersonal skills. Helping people manage their mental health struggles or move through mental health crises is an important aspiration, and there is always room for more compassionate therapists. Interested in becoming a therapist with Talkspace? Learn more here.

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What do i need to become a therapist

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How to Become a Therapist